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Sunday, September 16, 2007

Laundry Systems Analisys


Systems analysis. So weighty. So professional. So mysterious. Yet nothing can streamline an organized home like a well-crafted set of household systems. Today, we focus on laundry and clothing systems. What do they do? How do you develop them? What benefits will establishing laundry and clothing systems give to you and your family?

Chances are, you already have these systems in place. After all, a system is just a set of organized items, decisions or actions, designed to work together to achieve a common end. In terms of an organized home, a clothing system, for example, would be a set of related decisions, actions or items, designed to work together to supply family members with an adequate supply of clean, well-fitting and appropriate clothes. More

Saturday, August 25, 2007

Autumn Closet Declutter

Once again, I mark the coming of autumn with a clothing closet declutter. I wade into the closet and find the boxes of out-of-season clothing. Try everything on, skin itching at the touch of wool when the temperature's 80 degrees. Sort the summer's keepers from items to donate. Look for "holes" and orphans in my autumn wardrobe. Count the dinners and fund-raisers and upcoming holiday balls, and divide them by the number of my cocktail dresses. Try, for the 900th time, to locate some good transitional outfits: cool enough for warm autumn days, but not too summery or too bare. More

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Washing baby clothes: Not what you might think

By HC Staff

So you know your baby's skin is more easily irritated than yours, and it seems that "everybody" is using specially formulated, baby laundry detergents to prevent rashes for their infants and small children. Should you follow suit?

The University of Michigan Health System says not necessarily, if you use detergents that don't contain perfumes and coloring agents — plus it offers information about washing baby clothes separately, safely removing stains and laundering cloth diapers.

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